Sunday, August 29, 2010

First day in office post PG

7th June 2010: Though my joining to the organisation was on 24th may itself, but that was part of pre joining formality. Formal joining to an office happened on 7th June @ Regional Office in Chennai. Reported for work at about 10:30 hrs. My other colleague had already reported about 3 days in advance, so he was my guiding light in office. On reporting, was informed that the top 2 heads (head and 2nd in command) were on leave and would be back after few days. As part of my roles & responsibilities, there was nothing much clear cut, hence was given a dump of file having all the circulars & notings with regard to retail loan provisions. I was asked to go through them & have a jist of it. The file was heavy in weight & papers were dated right from 90's to 21st century. Going through them and having an understanding was not so easy call. Information provided was updated & sometimes contradicted in different circulars (with varying date). Most of the information provided was like basic guidelines and were vague enough for an individual to take a call on his own at his/her discretion. Few things were defined to such an extent that anything or many things could be easily kept outside its perview.

In short, it was like reading on of the epics, which are supposed to fill the vacant parts of your brain and give you enough of additional contradictory and debatable matter that you feel earlier standing was better (position before going through the file). However, it also gave us enough of matter to debate further & start looking for ways to fill up the gaps in it.

Not a very exciting day either the day was like any visitor's day to any of the government's office waiting for the day to get over.

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