Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hectic life

Life has become really hectic with classes 7 days a week extending from morning 09:00 hrs to 20:40 hrs (on some occasions without any hour of gap). Lost track of saturdays or sundays and for that matter even dates of month.... only day existing in schedule is 'today' and only time i can think of next day is when today comes to its tragic end (with all the tiring events that occur within class). I think (which sometimes i do) i can write a post on life within a MBA class as well... but all that for some other time. Making this post to make sure that i am not written off from the online world. I will make a come back soon with newer post having new freshness in it. Source of inspirations changes over time but it always happens with a replacement for the previous one. Looking forward to any new source of inspiration or at least something that can be written about.
On priority, as of now looking forward to another two weeks when this theme comes to it's end (probably a tragic end). The so called rigorous life has taken its toll in one way or the other. Most of us have become indifferent to happenings in class and also to the surprise quizzes, which are failing now to kindle any spark of excitement. A higher version of this could be perhaps called as Maslow's stage of Self Actualization (last stage from 'Maslow's hierarchy of needs'), wherein we are currently in a position where we can say that we have reached a stage beyond all this material stuff and these things are now immaterial. Quizzes/exams may come and go, but its we who stays there firm footed without even bothering about their quick visits. With sights to a brighter vision, i hereby hope that this stage continues forever, as it has cured us of worry about good or bad performance in any test that we are made to appear for :-)