Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life goes on forever...

Today is makar sakranthi and a very important day in Hindu mythology. As per the mythology, the all powerful Sun god changes its direction today onwards (known as Uttarayan). It is percieved that if someone dies on this day or day following today, their soul would rest in heaven. I had read some where that in Mahabharata, the great Bhism awaited for this auspicious day to arrive before leaving this material world. All that said and heard, we follow them without reasons. No questions asked, no response expected. Whatever be it, Sun changes its direction today onwards and its the onset of longer days and shorter nights. Longer days means longer working durations and lesser time to rest. This is how I percieved it (personal thought).

On this auspicious day, today afternoon we got the sad news of demise of Shri K.K. Pai, Chairman of the TAPMI Governing Council and also Chairman of the T.M.A. Pai Foundation. This was a shocking news to one and all and at an unexpected juncture. TAPMI has recently shifted from its old campus to new state of the art new campus and concluded with its inter college fest "Atharva". I do not have any personal experience to be with Mr. Pai, but have heard him speak few times at different functions. One being our very first day at the institute after admission. He had spoken about Rural development and other upliftment possibilities for rural folks. He spoke about them at length and seemed quite passionate about it. This passion was evident from the length at which he had spoken. Today, when he is no more, his vision might still strike right chord with budding generation and keep the progress going. What otherwise we have left behind is, his visions and his dreams for TAPMI and TA Pai foundation. I am sure, TAPMI and its student will pay their condolence to this great visionary in true spirit (we have the condolence meet on 15-Jan-2008 @ 10:00 Hrs).

May his soul rest in peace.

Friday, January 9, 2009

First blog...

It was a dream for quite sometime to get actively involved in Blogging. But then again we have back breaking schedules and other time time consuming assignments with inputs from profs. stating "Time is precious". One never knows when time flies by and we start running short of it. Yes !!! time is precious, but how do we value it? how much worth is it when sitting with our near and dear ones? I doubt we can assign a value to it.

To start with my introduction.... My name is Amit Kshitiz, currently pursuing PGDM from T A Pai Management Institute (also known as TAPMI), Manipal. I have done my graduation from St. Joseph's Arts & Science College, Bangalore (image of college old campus is visible in snap provided). That was in year 1999-2002... phew! a long time has passed since then. Lots have changed and also ways the colleges are run. Earlier it was classes for 55 minutes and done. Now, it is more tedious to sit in classes for 70 odd minutes when subject matter supercedes your grey matter. Everything is overflowing and we sit in class eagerly waiting for class to get over. Will surely add more details about in-class experiences later. Next blog for now would be the current hot topic for my batch here "TAPMI new campus" & "Atharva".