Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 days 4 3 months

Not exactly 3 days but about 2 days left for 3 months to complete in my new organization. Did not update for long, but this update may not be very long. Completed 2 yrs of rigour (MBA life) and then got an opportunity to spend some time @ home with my parents and family members (near & dear ones). Call to join for job was at very short notice. Rushed to Pune for short notice joining. Many of would be colleagues had reported just based on email communication, they had received. Hard copies were still on way to their correspondence address.
Anyways 10 days of training (induction & orientation) prepared us to face few of the cultural shocks of life, which was awaiting us in a Public Sector entity.
Got the reporting order for Chennaipattinam (in short Chennai), capital city of Tamil Nadu. It was not one of the expected news for me, but then still, a choice had been made somewhere and now was the time to follow the paths leading from the made choice.
Reported in the city on morning of 7th June. Had passed through this city earlier too, during my school days, but had never thought that my post MBA life starting point would be this city again. Initial talk with my settled college friends made it easier for me too to set my steps in the city.
Next post will have some details about the first day @ office & other nitty gritty's of life in a PSB :-)

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