Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life is not so just !!!

             Its almost a month since i have written my last blog. Not much of change in past month except that the second theme came to expected end and we had a short stint of outbound program at Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS). Nice experience over all but still fell little short of meeting our expectations. Just a two day affair and that to jungle trek cut short due to advance warning of naxalite movement in area. Not a big issue otherwise. All this has become part of our life in some aspect or other. We very rarely get things on our expected lines but still keep our hopes alive on what all to look out for. Third theme has started and classes on full schedule. End of this theme some where in April mid will bring an end to our first year and then there will be a 2 month of summer internship program.

Apart from all this, not much of change in my personal life. Had been to Bangalore for short while and then back again to campus. Life sometimes feel quite lonely and lost. Not sure if these are feelings in general or i am the one getting it in isolation. Had this sort of feeling about 10 years back as well. Still do not know how i came out of it. Looking for some similar magic to happen this time again. For now it seems like i am the one who is used to living life alone and everything else just keep coming and going.

जो चाहा वो मिला नहीं,
जो मिला वो चाहा नहीं।
मंजीलें हैं, तो रास्ते नहीं,
और रास्ते हैं, तो मंजीलें नहीं

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